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and you know in? big ballpark i wanted to go out there and pitch to contact and you know and use our good defense. >> he used his fastball more than re lied on the off -- relied on the offspeed stuff and tricking hitters and he made better pitches in a jam. made great pitches in location but everything was off the fastball. >> now today's game did feature some drama in the 4th inning. look at bryce harper in the plate. check the pine tar high up on the barrel. like what? marlins' manager ozzie guillen through a fit. tension continued with ozzie and our guy stray vie john on in the -- davey johnson in the other dugout. >> ozzie complained the pine tar was too high up on harper's bat. and so -- we changed it. there flush you know and then he was still -- it. you know and then he was still chirping about it. it got on the umpire's nerves and it got on my nervous. he's trying to intimidate my player i guess and it's not going to bother our player. but you know he does what he has to do. i didn't really like it. >> davey's use of chirp. >>> o's hosting the tigers. gonzalez's second pitch of th
on the doors telling us to get out. >> i heard the chaos going on and people yelling. i am like what is going? i look outside and see debris everywhere. >> and there is a lost debris in that parking lot. a lot to clean up and will continue into tomorrow as well and as far as the situation in college park, the neighbors are concerned that they will be forgotten and claim to be the last neighborhood to get back online a few years back. the utility companies are urging residents to call and report outages. because you think one of my neighbors called, they suggest that you do it yourself. they want to prioritize the outages and get everyone back online as quickly as possible and back to you in the studio. >> thank you. >>> last night's storm killed two people in northern virginia. >> anndale was one of the hardest hit areas. >> reporter: we're outside of the beltway and off of gallows road. this neighborhood took quite a beating from the storm and two houses across the street were hit by trees and the property where i am standing. in fact, this yard had four trees. you see several in the front y
>>> thanks for staying up with us tonight. i'm lindsay murphy. coming up on nissan sports xtra, which redskin is back to his 8th grade weight. >>> the team rallied for four runs in the 8th to tie the game and eventually win. they have 24 comeback victories this season. flores, bottom of the 3rd, takes a foul ball off his shoulder. he is doubled over in pain. next inning, he gets drilled by another foul ball. this time in the mask. he stayed in the game. matthews entered in the 7th. in the 8th, surrendered back to back homeruns. brewers got a 9-7 lead. never count the nationals out. top of the 9th, morse down in the count with a runner on. that one going to clear the wall for a 2 run homerun, his 8th. do you think davey johnson is enjoying this a little bit? runners on the corner, and morse rips it into the left field corner. third base coach is sending zimmerman. here comes the relay home. catcher can't hold on. nats win 11-10 in 11 innings. >> any time you come back late in the game, it's a good feeling. it's a real good feeling. never know what the game will bring. >> i don't
murphy. thanks for joining us to not for nissan sports xtra. coming up the kastles are hot to trot and venus williams is in town, plus there were some serious meltdowns at the british open and a surprising winner. >>> but first out to the ballpark we go. the nationals and braves series didn't start to well for the nationals who dropped the first two games. they saw their lead fall to 1 1/2 games in the division. luckily the nats were able to must erwins in game 3 and 4. they would -- muster wins in game 3 and 4. they would bracken for the weekend. ian desmond out for a while, more on that coming up later. ryan zimmerman has been on a terror since his cortisone shot. 1st inning, braun clears the wall and right for a two-run shot, no. 13 on the year, 2-0 nats. look at this spin, would the the ball? danny espinosa going -- want the ball? danny espinosa going to get an extended stay, his bat also coming around. michael morse comes around and scores. espinoza would end up on third. it's 3-0 nationals at this point. zimmerman and the nats pour on it from there. this time he pulls the off
. >> going in the right direction. what we're capable of, and to see us start doing it, nine hits a ball game, that should be our low with the talent on this ball club. >>> let's not forget our neighbors to the north, the orioles had three players selected to the all-star. congrats. >>> orioles hosting the indians today. top of the 4th. fly ball to right, and davis drops it. not your ordinary sac fly, because they get an out at second base. today they lose 6-2. >>> coming up, first the caps came calling, then the hall of fame came calling. what a week for adam oats. that's next. our cloud is not soft and fluffy. our cloud is made of bedrock. concrete. and steel. our cloud is the smartest brains combating the latest security threats. it spans oceans, stretches continents. and is scalable as far as the mind can see. our cloud is the cloud other clouds look up to. welcome to the uppernet. >>> welcome back. caps signed joey crab, from the maple leaves. he's joining a team according to the owner, ready to win now. i went head to head with the new head coach, who had a big week of his own. >> do yo
. >>> hello, everybody. i'm lindsay murphy. thanks for joining us tonight. coming up, the nba's biggest stars are in town like lebron james, kobe bryant, and kevin durant. >>> and find out which new caps player looks like a rapper. first, we'll start with -- last night, the nationals earned their fiftyth win of the season. a big heat and to put it in perspective in 2009, they didn't win their fiftyth until mid-september. and before tonight's game, davie johnson mentioned that relief picture sean bernet might be headed to the d.l. and he felt elbow tightness for six weeks or so. the nats and marlins send pudge rodriguez on or -- honored before the game. the top of the 5th, nats trail. desmond runs in the line and is thrown off of the helmet and ruled a stolen base. bonaficio scored from second base and the marlins on top 2- 1. and still 2-1, the tieing run at second and striking out to end the game. the miami native joey gonzalez and when he gets the law. >> it's great, you know, to be in front of friends and family. and behind plate to have my parents and brother, the exciteme
. >> he is doubling down on policies that are holding us back and making things worse, starting with his health care law which is driving up costs and making it too hard for small businesses to hire workers. >> next week, the house will vote on the repeal of the president's let care law but the vote is only symbolic. it stands no chance of passage in the senate. >> still ahead tonight another look at the scorching sunday forecast. also, a silver spring family is looking for answers after their son fell off a puck-up truck. >>> and a look into the effects that concussions have on athletes. and a look at how men and women react differently when they have concussions. more on that when we come back.  oreo and dunkin' are the perfect match for the perfect moment. enjoy the new oreo coolatta and donut today. america runs on dunkin'. >>> silver sprang family wants to know how a man wound up in the coma after falling off the back of a u-haul truck. on june 28th a woman driving behind the truck saw him fall off the back. it happened on the ramp from briggs chaney road. the woman stopped and he
and with the fourth gold medal, his seventh medal overall. lochte wins the first gold medal for the u.s. and will compete in four more events. >>> all right, off of the wall is up next and we're talking about football season. >> and that is here. >> the football is here. what do you expect. >>> and if the mets go to the play-offs, what is the story? >> and in that regular season. >> and that is -- . >> can he be nice for once? >> i think over, i might turn over a new leaf. >> maybe off of the wall is next.  . >>> off the wall, dave ross and wisdom martin. wisdom, we are in the 3s -- the throes of training camp. can you believe it? >> not fast enough. >> what are your expectations for robert griffin 3 at training camp? not the regular students. >> right. >> a what do you want to see? >> i want to see him do what he's been doing the whole time he was in college. i want to see some accurate passes and that guy, you know, the typical things you want to see and that is here the last decade or so. >> if you're a redskins fan, shouldn't you be concerned? and from coll
gardens. are always on the move. so they can't get to the bank to deposit a check. instead, they use citibank mobile check deposit. it's easy. they just snap a pic... ♪ hit send... and their checks are deposited right to their account. well almost all of their checks. stand back. seriously? [ male announcer ] citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. every step of the way. >>> welcome back to the washington area nissan dealer's sports xtra. >> round three of british open, the 36 hole lead, but he would lose it. the americans still in contention tied for second at 7 under. how about tiger woods. this is from birdie. tiger had an up ask down day. this would be considered one of his ups. he finished at even par. he is still in the thick of things. adam scott, this is a bomb of his own. he had another solid day. he is your leader at 11 under par, four shots ahead and this next guy, graham mcdough, who always seems to be around the top of major championship leader boards. a three under 67. leaves him four back of scott heading into tomorrow's final round. >> redskins training cam
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9